Learn More About the Benefits of Buying vs Leasing Your Next Model at Jenkins Volvo Cars Ocala

If there is a luxury sedan or SUV that jumps out to you from our inventory of new models here at Jenkins Volvo Cars Ocala, the team in our Finance Center are at your service to assist with finding the right monthly payment. With plenty of options to consider when transitioning into a new vehicle, such as the choice to buy with a financed loan or lease for 36-months, it's important to weigh all the options before coming to a final decision. Let's explore the pros and cons that can come from both in order to simplify your choice.

Buying a New Volvo:

  • If you choose to buy a new Volvo model from our dealership, you'll have to handle a higher up-front cost than you would with a lease. Vehicle purchases include a higher down payment, as well as the added price car insurance and taxes to the final cost.
  • By committing to paying off your automotive loan as fast as possible, you can effectively cut a monthly payment from your budget - which is often one of the more lucrative reasons drivers choose to buy.
  • As an owner of a fully paid-off car loan, you're free to do what you please with your vehicle, even if that involves deciding to sell or trade it in for a different model when the time calls for it.
  • If you're one to take great care of your Volvo, you'll find it to last up to 20 years of confident and opulent riding.

Leasing a New Volvo:

  • When you choose to lease a Volvo from our dealership, you can take advantage of a lower up-front cost and cheaper monthly payments - which can make it easier to choose a more expensive model.
  • By choosing to take on a lease, you are committing to making each of the model's 36 monthly payments for the entire lease period.
  • Leased vehicles can be limited by the mileage restrictions that they come along with, which can easily add up to additional costs if you're not careful with your usage.
  • Plenty of drivers love the flexibility that comes from choosing to lease, since it makes it easier to have first-hand exposure to all sorts of different models.
  • Of course, any damages that occur during the lease period and turned into our dealership will be subject to added fees and repairs when the contract comes to an end.

When it comes to figuring out the perfect agreement for a new Volvo model, drivers from across Gainesville, The Villages and Lady Lake can find just what they need from a lease or loan with our team at Jenkins Volvo Cars Ocala. Our sales professionals and finance experts alike are ready to make getting your next vehicle easier than you'd believe, so stop by 4150 North Highway 441 to get started today!